Constituent Assembly News and Notes

"Happy New Year everyone! "Remember, Christ was a Palestinian refugee - a Jewish Palestinian refugee, who is the founding figure of Christianity, and a beloved prophet for Muslims. The rest is commentary."

•Hamid Dabashi, Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University•

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9-14-21: Note to worried youth;

Electric cars do not address climate change. The concept of electric cars supports freeway contractors, cement production, shopping centers and asphalt from oil. The right wing is sneaky. It seems big but only adds up to about fifteen percent of the adult voting age population. This small segment of humanity is at the economic apex and has unity through simple minded single purpose focus on profit.

Yes, it takes a lot of smarts to run capitalism and representative democracy. Notice that both business and government are on full speed ahead. That is the way capitalism works. It means the children of leading go-getter smart capitalists probably won't outlive their parents. The world's young generations pointing at doom are too young to have been fully brainwashed; Fresh and strong young brains know what they are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting. For all young humans who see danger; Begin living well in balance with Earth as much as possible. Cut consumption. Don't shop. Make plans with friends and neighbors.

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Automobile based culture is doomed. Infrastructure plans spending trillions of dollars were made as ideas flowed from orgs, staff, and lobbyists, they are distorted by having no idea what species intelligence sees and knows. Billions of dollars is spent to mesmerize humans with capitalist propaganda. We are what we are; an intelligent creature that faced gigantic saber toothed creatures because we listened to warnings and plans of our society. The mostly governing class capitalizes on knowing how to brainwash human beings enjoying the surprising gift of life. The bipartisan empire employs thousands of brainwashers trained in the best of universities. Now, today, the scrubbed clean minds of governing classes around the world actually believe an automobile based culture can survive global climate collapse. Even so; Electric cars are not a solution.

Now is a good time to ask everyone what they think about dangers ahead. If capitalists cannot see their actions doom their own children, they are a menace to the future of humanity itself. Human species children who see the menace; Operate as much as possible outside the capitalist realm. Talk with friends and family about autonomy and sovereignty with regard to life's necessities.

Living well in balance with Earth involves autonomy and sovereignty regarding the necessities of life. It's too late this year to concentrate fully on food sovereignty. Shelter, water, sanitation are not coming very quickly from the corporate economy or a government that cannot see living well in balance with Earth. Buen vivir. Bem vivir. Assemble continuously and study unbrainwashedly how life should be and why. Then, when the course is clear to a critical mass of thinking minds, the government will help do what the people say to do. That's how simple the evolving new government is. What we now have is backwards. Either that or we don't really have a problem.

What will life be like without automobiles? Step one to find out is unplug your tv. No? Okay, well, then, Can modern humans live with automobiles and also live well in balance with Earth? Buen vivir. Bem vivir.