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Millions of people have heard that representative democracy functions exactly backwards. In the United States, for example, Senator Mike Gravel campaigned for president and stated the idea clearly to millions of people during presidential debates. Representative democracy works backwards. The correct way is the people use their intelligence to make policy and then the government organizes people and materials to get the job done.

A modern functional government provides organizational support for what the people decide to do. A functional government organizes accomplishment of policies created democratically by the distributed intelligence of a nation's people. The same idea works for cities, unions and cooperative business.

Explore and contribute to what distributed intelligence knows about each facet of a seven facet government. A related voting tool is working fairly well as an example. The tool is a distiller of distributed intelligence. It has been made to assist collective visualization, similar to an old-fashioned applause meter from the last century. This site and the voting tool are designed to eventually work together. They practice with art and await input from distributed intelligence.

This web based constituent assembly is set up to propose and then use the distiller to select among proposals; Distiller has quit counting and our young mathematician has not been able to fix it. If you see merit in this work, please make contact via email.

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