Constituent Assembly Artistic Contests

Each numbered contest connects to an index of entries for the numbered category, they are viewed or listened to at this website and voted on using the autonomous democracy voting tool. Everyone arranges their preferences using the autonomous democracy voting distillation tool. That is how winners are selected... 50€ for voter selected entry in each category.

The distiller voting tool works easiest with a list of eight or less choices, for this reason there may be more than one list for some categories. We will cross that river of creativity if we come to it. This is new. Contest area is english. Few words. Left to right. Development area.

1. Best dance song (any language)
2. Best Rap
3. Best short story
4. Best poem
5. Best visual art
6. Best solution to avoid extinction

Visual Art system test
mostly from US/Vietnam war era

Songs transmitted in languages other than english require an attached textual english translation during this start-up phase. Contestants reserve all rights to their work except it may be archived for use by this website.

Email entries via;
Contest-Manager at