Distributed Intelligence - facet seven

Distributed intelligence is an attribute of the entire population and is referred to as collected intelligence when the population is bounded by a nation, province, city, or specific organization such as a union. The constituent assembly as actual vessel of distributed intelligence also holds responsibility to initiate procedure for declaration of war.

The Constituent Assembly, a brief case study;

Below is an updated version of a Hugo Chavez style constituent assembly and governmental facet chart. Although use of the constituent assembly is part of the Venezuelan constitution. The opposition claims it was illegal for the constituent assembly to hold an election that resulted in placing President Maduro in office for another term.

As the record shows, the Venezuelan corporate wing boycotted the elections in Venezuela. The corporatist wing of society might have repeated the Brazilian tragedy and won if they could have agreed among themselves. But they didn't. The Constituent Assembly went ahead and activated an election without them. This was done to avoid social chaos and maintain national security. The flow chart illustrates the constituent assembly is where the constitutional power and authority to hold an election is rooted.

May first, 2019; the united states are threatening armed war on Venezuela in bellicose tones. It would be wise of the united nations to begin evacuating important science research records and begin setting up a new safer headquarters in a less warlike area.

seven facet organization chart

Editor, Garrett Tobin Connelly