Inclusive Cost Market - facet one

Axiom: An economy without full cost accounting claims Earth's wealth at the expense of Life's health.

Facet one maintains a full cost market; Prices are managed and adjusted to express all public and environmental goods and costs. How this works is part of a modern system of governance. Facet one relies on and coordinates with facet six, as it does with all other facets. Facet six maintains guidelines of public education supporting ability to choose a path to healing Earth. Humanity knows we all share a dire emergency. Together we search for solutions. An educated population choosing less environmental damage via accurate market prices defines a smart team working for survival. Citizen enlightenment is the single leading solution, it is facilitated by cooperation among all seven facets of a modern government, along with citizens. People constitute a government with a purpose in mind; daily required civil functions so the people may enjoy a peaceful, healthy and fun way of life.

Profit motive has long been accepted as a motivating reason to live; a mode of operation. Times have changed. Survival of the species is now the defining purpose of civilization. Ravages of capitalist privatization and financialization have threatened Earth life support systems. Should the right to housing be privatized? Really. Think about it; Secure families living in a prideful place among friends will have smaller families and send their children to school. Cultural strength will grow with return of environmental health. That profit has never been measured and it is huge; rebounding Earth bounty for a gently declining population.

How will facet one function? A public banking system makes a good start on rationalizing prices with costs and benefits. A small decent neighborly home yields almost uncountable positive public goods, reduced need for policing is one. Should public banking be part of Facet one? Budget balance? Voter approved bonds? Zero subsidies? Eco monetary units based on kilocalories?

Will there be many young entry level environmental accountants tallying up the negative and positive costs of every little thing? What happens if a billionaire demands the right to pollute? What if the billionaire decides to fight all the way to the supreme court against; Ta dah! Deposits on all plastic containers at every checkout stand in the country? Plastic buckets, water bottles, packaging and tarps are included in the deposit to recycle.

Editor, Garrett Connelly