Intro — Surfer Manifesto

Note from the author,

This story is political fantasy. It began with the approaching winter of 2022. World war three seemed to be starting in Ukraine— There were raids on Syria and Iran as-well-as military trainings off the coasts of China and Korea. Much of southwest Asia and Africa were also in turmoil.

I remembered myself at seventeen when the southeast Asian war was becoming intense; I started writing this story from there. Names of characters in the story have nothing to do with actual people.

In this story, you will encounter a completely fictional imagined evolution that our mature human species decides to take in order to survive a rapid downward spiral into extinction from pollution, increasing temperature, and eternal war.

Young surfers start things off when they realize the quarks that make up their atoms are waves; that their individual human self is a sum of waves. Those who realize they are a sum of waves eventually experience each other as surfers in sync studying ocean waves. At this point, a new branch of physics has been discovered entirely by chance. The surfers find them selves driven together when they realize they will be drafted to fight in the Eurasian war against China, Russia and Iran.

Parents and friends become involved in a war resistors league with the young. Separate war resistor groups develop around age and occupation. Solidarity exists between generations via the surfer manifesto;

Enjoy nature and leave Earth more fertile for having had a fun life-time.

The students in these pages laugh when their science is called allegorical. This writer, a committed war resistor, was surprised by what came out of that; Bio-laser projected allegory ten million times as strong as the square of the number of synchronized brain synapses in the focused group. And all they are saying is give peace a chance.

Garrett Tobin Connelly

I believe my name in Gaelic may also be;

Gearóid Tóibín O’Conghaile