Cosmic Rain Never Stops

How I discovered time and place

Timeplace is where and now as one travels around time while maintaining a biological place in spacetime. That's very important for this story.

The first real test of controlled travel among time places came with the attempt to meet and verify crow people. Some refer to ancient crow people as Denison Man, their DNA was found in Tibet mid 2020.

This is written when the joy of laughter was stolen by capitalism and the human spirit became angry. The writing was on the wall. When the world is finally owned by one immortal corporation, palm trees grow near Earth's poles, sow bugs grow as large as armadillos and armadillos become as large as a medium-size rhinoceros.

That's the way some artists get ideas. They wonder about families living in secure pride of place artful happiness. How tremendous would be the real profit from that?

Artists are not as rare as one might think, and always necessary here and now. This story tells how an artist is driven to use a time speculator for the first time. A time and space travel machine. The artist asked; "Is there a time and place where people live healthy and happy? While Earth becomes more fertile and clean?" The artist needed some kind of Time Speculator to answer such questions and thus became a tinkerer.

I did not foresee anything yet knew then we are cosmic powered biology manifest. And we can see, read and speculate about Cosmos. Our roots in cosmic powered biology began the moment quarks first materialized from big still banging primordial plasma. Their attraction to each created Time.

Now we can bend time. The only other person who knows about this is my sister, and she discovered the speculator by semi purposeful accident.

The past is easiest in a story like this. I'll be the artist. Start with my sister, Kathleen; She is very pretty, has a ready smile, and jumped into the passenger seat just as I took off for a test run to somewhere near Siberia, maybe western Mongolia, during the time when glaciers were retreating. Earthly spring, humans had begun to bloom after thousands of isolated glacier years.

Kathleen took most of these notes as I was a total newbie with the speculator. We were moving fast and eight thousand years before Genghis Kahn. Though out of focus at first, we began to see a village, a boy and a girl.