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Why convene a constituent assembly to create a seven facet government? Humanity faces a real-world emergency. Capitalist representative democracies and corporate dictatorships represent capital. Both are based on faster and faster growth to infinity, on a finite planet. This design flaw is obviously terminal. It has led to an immediate human existential crises, as shown below.

graph of CO2 ppm


What is a constituent assembly? Actual examples of use are presented by the Zapatista of peninsular southern Mexico, Yellow Vests in France and the now tattered yet still culturally advanced democracy of Venezuela. A leaderless constituent assembly is the collected intelligence of a group or nation, it may be as large as the distributed intelligence of all humanity.

A companion Autonomous Democracy voting tool is designed to help register nuanced preferences of distributed intelligence. see polling login here and above

Website Contents ... examines the seven facets.

Seven facets of Autonomous Democracy

seven facet organization chart


Regarding the voting tool

1) Drag & Drop to arrange your ballot choices

2) Adjust numbers after choices are arranged

3) Send and save your ballot in the ballot data file


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Garrett Tobin Connelly, editor